Eze Nri Apia and Nri–Alike

Eze Nri Apia and Nri–Alike
Eze Nri
Reign 1677–1700 CE
Predecessor Eze Nri Agụ
Successor Eze Nri Ezimilo
Died 1700 CE[1]
Dynasty Nri Kingdom

Eze Nri Apia and Nri–Alike were the first and only kings to rule Nri Kingdom as joint monarchs. After succeeding Eze Nri Agụ in 1676 CE, they reigned from 1677–1700 CE.[2] It is believed that Eze Nri Apia and Nri–Alike died on the same day.[3]


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Eze Nri Agụ
Eze Nri
1677 1700
Succeeded by
Eze Nri Ezimilo
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