Euphrosyne of Kiev

Euphrosyne of Kiev
Queen consort of Hungary
Tenure 1146–1162
Predecessor Helena of Raška
Successor Yaroslavna of Halych
Born c.1130
Died c.1193
Spouse Géza II of Hungary
House Rurik dynasty (by birth)
House of Árpád (by marriage)
Father Mstislav I of Kiev
Mother es:Liubava Dmitrievna Zavidich

Euphrosyne of Kiev (also Euphrosine of Novgorod;[1] c. 1130 – c. 1193) was Queen consort of Hungary.

Euphrosyne was the first daughter of Grand Prince Mstislav I of Kiev and his second wife, Ljubava Saviditsch. In 1146, Euphrosyne married King Géza II of Hungary, who had come of age shortly before.

During her husband's reign Euphrosyne did not intervene in the politics of the kingdom, but after his death on 31 May 1162, her influence strengthened over their son, King Stephen III. The young king had to struggle against his uncles Ladislaus and Stephen to save his throne, and Euphrosyne took an active part in the struggles. She persuaded King Vladislaus II of Bohemia to give military assistance to her son against the invasion of the Emperor Manuel I Komnenos.

Euphrosyne's favourite son was the youngest, Duke Géza of Hungary. When King Stephen III died on 4 March 1172, she was planning to ensure his succession against her older son, Béla, who had been living in the court of the Emperor Manuel I Komnenos. However, Béla came back, and he was crowned on 13 January 1173, although the Archbishop Lukács of Esztergom denied his coronation. Shortly after, King Béla III arrested his brother, which increased the tension between Euphrosyne and her son. Duke Géza soon managed to escape, probably with Euphrosyne's help, but in 1177 he was again arrested.

In 1186, Euphrosyne tried to release her younger son again, but she failed. King Béla III ordered the arrest of Euphrosyne and kept her confined in the fortress of Barancs (Serbian: Braničevo). Shortly after, Euphrosyne was set free, but she was obliged to leave the kingdom for Constantinople. From Constantinople she moved to Jerusalem where she lived as a nun in the convent of the Hospitallers, and then in the Basilian monastery of Saint Sabbas.

Marriage and issue

In 1146, Euphrosyne married King Géza II of Hungary (1130 – 31 May 1162). They had the following children:

Euphrosyne is an ancestress of Edward III of England and hence the ancestor of all subsequent English and British monarchs. She is also part of a link connecting the line of Harold Godwinson and the modern line of British monarchs.


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Euphrosyne of Kiev
Born: c. 1130 Died: c. 1193
Royal titles
Preceded by
Helena of Raška
Queen consort of Hungary
Succeeded by
Yaroslavna of Halych
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