Richeza of Poland, Queen of Hungary

Richeza of Poland
Spouse(s) Béla I of Hungary
Noble family House of Piast
Father Mieszko II Lambert
Mother Richeza of Lotharingia
Born (1013-09-22)22 September 1013
Died 21 May 1075(1075-05-21) (aged 61)

Adelaide/Richeza of Poland, (22 September 1013 – 21 May 1075) was Queen Consort of Hungary.


She was a daughter of King Mieszko II Lambert of Poland, and his wife, Richeza of Lotharingia.

She is traditionally called Richeza, but contemporary sources do not confirm this name. Nowadays it is supposed that she was called Adelaide.[1]

Between 1039 and 1043, she was married to king Béla of Hungary, who had served her father and taken part in her father's campaigns against the pagan Pomeranian tribes.

In 1048, her husband received one third of Hungary (Tercia pars Regni) as appanage from his brother, King Andrew I of Hungary, and the couple moved to Hungary. On 6 December 1060, her husband was crowned King of Hungary after defeating his brother.

Marriage and children

# 1039-1043: King Béla I of Hungary (c. 1016 11 September 1063)



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Richeza of Poland, Queen of Hungary
Born: 22 September 1013 Died: 21 May 1075
Royal titles
Preceded by
Anastasia of Kiev
Queen consort of Hungary
Succeeded by
Judith of Swabia
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