Elizabeth Petty, Baroness Shelburne

Elizabeth Waller, Baroness Shelburne (c.1636–February 1708) was an Anglo-Irish peer.

Elizabeth Waller was a daughter of Elizabeth Dowdall (died 1658) and Sir Hardress Waller (c.1604–1666).[1]

On 23 October 1653 she married Sir Maurice Fenton, 1st Baronet (c.1622–1664). From then on her married name became Fenton. They had a daughter Margaret and a son William. Margaret died in 1667 unmarried. William died in 1670.

In 1667 she married Sir William Petty (1623–1687). From then on her married name became Petty.

Lady Elizabeth and William Petty had four children:

Lady Petty was created Baroness Shelburne on 13 dec. 1688 suo jure by James II.[2] On the same day her eldest son by William Petty, Charles Petty, became Baron Shelburne.


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