Fenton baronets

The Fenton Baronetcy, of Mitchelstown in the County of Cork, was a title in the Baronetage of Ireland. It was created on 22 July 1661 for Maurice Fenton. The baronetcy became extinct on 17 March 1670, with the death of his son William Fenton.


Sir Geoffery Fenton, Principal Secretary of State in Ireland, had a grant, 27 August 1600, of the manor and town of Clontarfe, in the county of Dublin. He married Alice, daughter of Robert Weston, LL.D. Lord Chancellor of Ireland, and died 19 October 1608, leaving a son and heir William.[1]

Sir William Fenton (died 1667), of Mitchelatown, in the county of Cork,[1] married Margaret (1602–1666), daughter of Maurice Fitzgibbon (son of Edmond Fitzgibbon, 11th White Knight) and sister and heiress of Maurice Oge Fitzgibbon, 12th White Knight.[2] They had a son and a daughter:[1]

Sir Maurice Fenton, of Mitchelstown, had been dubbed knight in the morning of 7 June 1658 at Cork House by Henry Cromwell, Lord Deputy of Ireland (under the Commonwealth which was passed to oblivion at the Restoration.[4][5] 23 October 1653 he married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Hardress Waller, of Castletown, in the county of Limerick, and by her, who married secondly, in 1667, Sir William Petty, and was created Baroness Shelburne in her own right,[1] Maurice left at his death, in 1664:

Fenton baronets, of Mitchelstown (1661)


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