El Sahel

El Sahel (Arabic: الساحل  IPA: [esˈsæːħel, elˈ-]) is an administrative region forming more than half of Shubra in Cairo, Egypt. El Sahel neighbours the River Nile to the west, Rod El Farag and Shubra (administrative region) to the south, El Sharabeya to the east and is separated from Qalyubia to the north by the El Ismailia canal.

El Sahel hosts two of Cairo's largest hospitals: Nasser Institute for Search and Treatment Hospital, and the older El Sahel Teaching Hospital, which is named after the area. Additionally, El Sahel is home to a date market.[1]


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Coordinates: 30°05′05″N 31°14′32″E / 30.08472°N 31.24222°E / 30.08472; 31.24222

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