Dukedom of Segorbe

Patrilineal arms of Segorbe

The Duke of Segorbe is a Spanish noble title created by King Juan II de Aragón in 1476 for Enrique de Aragón, son of Infante Henry, Duke of Villena and Beatriz de Pimentel, from whom the ducal house of Medinaceli descends.

Ignacio Medina y Fernández succeeded in 1969 as XIX Duke of Segorbe[1] before marrying HRH Princess Maria da Glória de Orléans-Braganza in 1985. The Duke and Duchess of Segorbe have two daughters:

List of title holders

Title Period
Created by Juan II de Aragón
I Enrique de Aragón y Pimentel 1476-1522
II Alfonso de Aragón y Portugal 1522-1562
III Francisco de Aragón y Cardona 1562-1575
IV Juana de Aragón y Cardona 1575-1608
V Enrique de Aragón Folc de Cardona y Córdoba 1608-1640
VI Luis de Aragón y Fernández de Córdoba 1640-1670
VII Joaquín de Aragón y Benavides
VIII Catalina de Aragón y Sandoval 1670-1697
IX Luis Francisco de la Cerda y Aragón 1697-1711
X Nicolás María Fernández de Córdoba y de la Cerda 1711-1739
XI Luis Antonio Fernández de Córdoba y Spínola 1739-1768
XII Pedro de Alcántara Fernández de Córdoba y Moncada 1768-1789
XIII Luis María Fernández de Córdoba y Gonzaga 1789-1806
XIV Luis Joaquín Fernández de Córdoba y Benavides 1806-1840
XV Luis Tomás Fernández de Córdoba y Ponce de León 1840-1873
XVI Luis María Fernández de Córdoba y Pérez de Barradas 1873-1879
XVII Luis Jesús Fernández de Córdoba y Salabert 1880-1956
XVIII Victoria Eugenia Fernández de Córdoba y Fernández de Henestrosa 1956-1969
XIX Ignacio Medina y Fernández de Córdoba 1969–present


As with other Spanish noble titles, the dukedom of Segorbe descended according to cognatic primogeniture, meaning that females could inherit the title if they had no brothers (or if their brothers had no issue). That changed in 2006, since when the eldest child (regardless of gender) can automatically succeed to noble family titles.

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