Duke of Fernandina

Coats of arms of the Dukedom of Fernandina.

Duke of Fernandina (Ducado de Fernandina) is a hereditary title in the Spanish nobility. It was granted by King Philip II to García Álvarez de Toledo y Osorio, Viceroy of Sicily and Catalonia, and later Marquis of Villafranca del Bierzo in inheritance from his elder brother. It was conferred on him the 24 December 1559, along with the principality of Montalbán.

The title was usually held by the heirs apparent of the marquises of Villafranca, and merged into the House of Medina Sidonia in 1779 when José Álvarez de Toledo, 11th marquis of Villafranca and 8th duke of Fernandina inherited the dukedom of Medina Sidonia from a distant cousin. After the death 12th duke, José Joaquín Álvarez de Toledo, none of his sons claimed the title, so the dukedom of Fernandina became dormant. Eighty years later, the 21st duchess of Medina Sidonia and her son the Count of Niebla ceded their rights to the title to their daughter and sister, Pilar González de Gregorio, who asked for the resumption of the dormant dukedom. On 1 February 1993, the title was restored with grandeeship of Spain[1] by King Juan Carlos I to Pilar, who became the 13th duchess of Fernandina and is the current holder of the title.

Dukes of Fernandina (1559-)

Dormant (1900–1993)

The heir apparent is Don José Márquez y González de Gregorio (b. 1978).

Family tree

García Álvarez de Toledo,
4th Marquis of Villafranca del Bierzo,
1st Duke of Fernandina

Pedro Álvarez de Toledo,
5th Marquis of Villafranca del Bierzo,
2nd Duke of Fernandina

García Álvarez de Toledo,
5th Marquis of Villafranca del Bierzo,
3rd Duke of Fernandina
Fadrique Álvarez de Toledo,
1st Marquis of Villanueva de Valdueza

Fadrique Álvarez de Toledo,
7th Marquis of Villafranca del Bierzo,
4th Duke of Fernandina

Fadrique Álvarez de Toledo,
8th Marquis of Villafranca del Bierzo,
5th Duke of Fernandina

Fadrique Álvarez de Toledo,
9th Marquis of Villafranca del Bierzo,
6th Duke of Fernandina

Antonio Álvarez de Toledo,
9th Marquis of Villafranca del Bierzo,
7th Duke of Fernandina

José Álvarez de Toledo,
15th Duke of Medina Sidonia,
8th Duke of Fernandina

Francisco de Borja Álvarez de Toledo,
16th Duke of Medina Sidonia,
9th Duke of Fernandina

Francisco Álvarez de Toledo,
10th Duke of Fernandina

Pedro de Alcántara Álvarez de Toledo,
17th Duke of Medina Sidonia,
11th Duke of Fernandina

José Joaquín Álvarez de Toledo,
18th Duke of Medina Sidonia,
12th Duke of Fernandina

1826- 1900
José Joaquín Álvarez de Toledo,
19th Duke of Medina Sidonia

1865- 1915
José Joaquín Álvarez de Toledo,
20th Duke of Medina Sidonia

1894- 1955
Luisa Isabel Álvarez de Toledo,
21st Duchess of Medina Sidonia

1936- 2008
Pilar González de Gregorio,
13th Duchess of Fernandina

b. 1957


  1. A Royal Decree of Isabella I, given on 10 October 1876, established that all Dukes were Grandees of Spain, so all the dormant duchies restored after that date received the grandeeship, even if they didn't hold it before being disclaimed. Soler Salcedo, Juan Miguel, Nobleza Española. Grandeza Inmemorial 1520, Editorial Visión, Madrid, 2008. ISBN 978-84-9886-179-2


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