Chara people

The Chara also known as the Tsara are a people group of Ethiopia. They form a part of the Gimira peoples of Ethiopia and live in the Kaffa Highlands,[1] and the Debub Omo area.

Their three main villages are Geba a meša, Buna Anta, and Kumba, Ethiopia and they practise subsistence farming and hold to a syncretic religion of Orthodox Christianity with tribal practices.[2][3] The Chara people speak their own Chara language[4] a member of the Omotic Language group,[5][6] which is linguistically similar to Mela[7] and the numerically much larger Wolaytta[8][9] both of which many Chara also speak.[10] (See Ethiopian language map).

The number of Chara have been decimated due to slavery and war and are estimated to number between 16,500[11] and 6,984 (1994 census)[12] people.


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