Shanqella (Ge'ez ሻንቅላ šānḳillā sometimes spelled Shankella, Shangella, Shánkala, Shankalla or Shangalla) is an exonym for a number of ethnic groups that today reside primarily in the westernmost part of Ethiopia near South Sudan (especially Benishangul-Gumuz Region), but are known to have also inhabited more northerly areas until the late nineteenth century.[1] A pejorative, the term was traditionally used by the local Afro-Asiatic-speaking populations to refer to "Negro" persons generally, particularly those of Nilotic origin. The etymology of Shanqella is uncertain. It has been suggested that the appellation may stem from an Amharic epithet meaning "black". However, it is likely that the term is instead of more ancient, Agaw derivation given the Agaw substratum in the Amharic language.[2][3]


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