Catalan myths and legends

Catalan myths and legends are the traditional myths and legends of the Catalan-speaking world, especially Catalonia itself, passed down for generations as part of that region's popular culture.

Mythological figures

Among the figures of Catalan mythology are:

Generic figures

In Catalonia those characters that are invoked to induce fear in children for practical purposes, for example to avoid speaking to strangers or leaving home alone are called Espantamainades (Espantachiquillos). At the anthropological level, sometimes they are manifestations of the fears of the unknown and inexplicable in nature. Some are local representations related to those figures also existing in other cultures, such as witches, Goblin and the bogeyman. Others are purely local variations, such as Marraco the peasant and the dips.


  1. Típicas también de zonas orientales del pirineo aragonés

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