Casper & Mandrilaftalen

Casper og Mandrilaftalen

The title screen of the show
Created by Casper Christensen
Presented by Casper Christensen
Starring Casper Christensen
Lars Hjortshøj
Frank Hvam
Lasse Rimmer
Country of origin Denmark
No. of episodes 67
Running time approx. 28 minutes (per episode)
Original network DR2
Original release 1999 – 2003

Casper & Mandrilaftalen (English: Casper and the Mandrill Deal) was a Danish cult TV program aired on DR2 in 1999.


Casper & Mandrilaftalen was a surrealistic comedy sketch and talk show hosted by Casper Christensen. The show was created by Christensen and two other Danish comedians Lasse Rimmer and Lars Hjortshøj. Frank Hvam later joined the program. Many prominent Danish comedians were occasionally part of the program, e.g. Jan Gintberg, Anders Matthesen, Mick Øgendahl, Uffe Holm, Sebastian Dorset, and Anders Lund Madsen.

The English comedian John Cleese also made an appearance in one episode, as "Bosse" who pretends to be coach of the Danish national football team. This was a nod to the influence Monty Python had on the show.

Episodes were typically written in the morning, filmed in the afternoon, and shown the same evening without much editing being done. This added to the impromptu humor of the show.

The first 48 episodes of the show aired on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 23:30 during the first six months of 1999. The next 19 episodes were shown on Wednesday and Friday in the second half of 1999.

In 2003, the four comedians met again and made a new episode called "Fisso". It was released on the second DVD (2006 re-release: third DVD) of Casper & Mandrilaftalen.


The show revolved around Casper Christensen as the host of what was, ostensibly, a mix of a current events-show, a talkshow and a varietyshow, and the other comedians as guests and crew of the show, with occasional guest-performers and cameos by the actual crew. Christensen also introduced the sketches in the show. The guest were always very strange and abnormal characters, and the humor was very surreal.

Recurring characters

The show featured many fictional guests, usually interviewed by Casper Christensen in an "absurd talkshow" style. They were usually played by the Mandril crew. While many characters appeared only once, some would re-appear in many episodes.

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