Casper Christensen

For the Danish footballer, see Kasper Kristensen.
Casper Christensen

Casper Christensen commentating the Landligger football tournament in Rørvig.
Born (1968-08-22) 22 August 1968
Kerteminde, Denmark

Casper Lindholm Christensen (born 22 August 1968 in Kerteminde) is a Danish comedian. He has hosted many shows including Casper & Mandrilaftalen, the Danish airing of Shooting Stars and Don't Forget Your Toothbrush (Husk lige tandbørsten), and the Danish version of Deal or No Deal. He also had a leading role in the Danish sit-coms Langt fra Las Vegas (Far Away from Las Vegas) and Klovn (Clown/Fool).

He started his TV-career in the Danish children's show Hvaffor en Hånd? (Which Hand?) in 1991 but is also well known for hosting the very successful radio program Tæskeholdet (The Whack Pack).

One of Casper Christensen's characteristics early in his career was his appearance, often including big glasses, whacky hairstyle, and an abstract clothing style. Christensen was also well known for his energetic appearance on screen. In this period, Christensen's most notable appearances were Casper & Mandrilaftalen, Tæskeholdet and Safari. In later years, Christensen has toned down his crazy appearance, and made a career shift towards more serious projects. Casper Christensen has also become one of the most sought after Danish TV hosts; hosting more mainstream shows like Grib mikrofonen, Deal no Deal and 8 out of 10 Cats, Da; 9 ud af 10.

On 1 February 2007, Casper returned to radio with the programme Kongen af Danmark (The King of Denmark) on the Danish radio station TV 2 Radio. Casper Christensen quickly left TV2 Radio and instead began writing on the 5th and 6th season of Klovn with his long-time colleague Frank Hvam. The 6th season aired on TV2 Zulu in the spring of 2009. On 2 October 2009, he aired his latest project for the first time on TV 2. It is a live talk show called ALOHA!.

Television Work

TV Broadcaster Year Credit
Live fra Bremen TV2 (18 episodes, 2009-) Head writer
Aloha! TV2 (16 episodes, 2009-) Host
Klovn TV2 Zulu, TV2 (60 episodes, 2005-2009) Writer, actor
Deroute DR2 (1 episode, 2008) Actor
Langt fra Las Vegas TV2 Zulu, TV2 (2001-2003) Writer, actor
Casper & Mandrilaftalen DR2 (23 episodes, 1999) Writer, actor
Deal No Deal TV2 (2006) Host
Ni ud af ti TV2 (2006) Host
Grib Mikrofonen TV2 (2006) Host
Zulu Royal TV2 Zulu (2003, 2004, 2006) Writer, host
Træmand TV2 Zulu (2004) Host
Shooting Stars TV2 Zulu (2004) Host
Zulu Awards TV2 Zulu (2002, 2003) Host
Hvor svært kan det være 1 episode Actor
Casper og drengene fra Brasilien DVD (2002) Writer, host
Danish Deejay Awards 2001 TV2 (2001) Host
80 års fødselsdagen DR2 (2000) Actor
Darios Joint TV2 (5 episodes, 1998) Writer, host
Casper og Jan på Sankt Hans TV2 (1998) TV2 Zulu (1 episode, 1997)
Dansk Grammy 1997 (1997) Host
Safari DR1 (11 episodes, 1996) Writer, host
Husk Lige Tandbørsten DR1 (1996) Writer, host
A.T.O.M. TV TV3 (1994) Host
Transit DR1 (1992) Host
Hvaffor en hånd DR2 (1991) Host


Feature Films Director Year Credit
Klown Forever Mikkel Nørgaard (2015) Writer, actor
I Sandhedens Tjeneste TBA (2011) Writer
Klovn Mikkel Nørgaard (2010) Writer, actor
Journey to Saturn (2008) Voice
The Boss of It All Lars von Trier (2006) Actor
Collector Lasse Spang Olsen (2004) Actor
Hannibal & Jerry Wilke & Rasmussen (1997) Actor


Show Broadcaster Year Credit
Kongen af Danmark TV2 Radio (2007) Writer, host
Tæskeholdet DR, P3 (1997) Writer, host

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