Carol Storck

For the co-founder of the National Football League, see Carl Storck.
Self-portrait bust (1926)
Storck's notable work depicting Gen. Dr. Carol Davila, photographed on September 2012

Carol Storck (10 May 1854, Bucharest - 1926) was a Romanian sculptor. He was the son of the prominent artistic figure Karl Storck. His brother, Frederic Storck, also became well known for sculpting.[1]

Life and work

In 1871, he studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in Florence with Augusto Rivalta. Five years later, he had a showing at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia and remained there to study until 1880.

Storck notably produced three large works that decorate the Palace of Justice in Bucharest. He also created a prominent monument in front of the Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy in that same city. Storck's sculpture depicts and is dedicated to the educational facility's namesake, Gen. Dr. Carol Davila.[1]

Many of his finished works are collected in the Storck Museum alongside other works by his family.[1]

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