Karl Storck

Not to be confused with Carl Storck, the co-founder of the National Football League.
Karl Storck
Born (1826-05-21)May 21, 1826
Died March 30, 1887(1887-03-30) (aged 60)
Nationality Hessian, Romanian
Known for sculpture, engraving, art theory
Movement Academic

Karl Storck was a Hessian-born Romanian sculptor and art theorist.


Karl Storck was born on in Hanau, Grand Duchy of Hesse.[1] Having been trained and working for a time as an engraver, he became sculptor only later.[2] He studied in Paris, from where he was driven out by the French Revolution of 1848.[3] He settled in Bucharest in 1849, and spent the years 1856-1857 in Munich where he trained as sculptor.[4] In 1865 he became the first professor of sculpture at the Fine Arts Academy in Bucharest, becoming the most prominent figure and main developer in this early period of modern Romanian sculpture[5][6]

His sons, Carol Storck (1854–1926) and Frederic Storck (1872–1924), were also noted artists.

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