Brumby Point

Brumby Point is a peak on the remote Nunniong Plateau in the Alpine National Park in Victoria, Australia.[1][2] Distinct from the similarly named Brumby Hill to the north-west, it is bounded by Reedy Creek Chasm to the north and Little Reedy Creek to the south. The locality has been noted for visible folds in the Ordovician rock.[3] A number of rare plant species occur in the area including Eucalyptus elaeophloia and Leptospermum jingera.[4] The "brumby mallee-gum", recently discovered in this location, was formally described in 2013 and assigned the name Eucalyptus phoenix.[5] The seven kilometre long Brumby Point four wheel drive track which traversed the ridge leading up to the point was earmarked for permanent closure in 1992.[6]

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Coordinates: 37°03′11″S 148°04′44″E / 37.05306°S 148.07889°E / -37.05306; 148.07889

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