Mount Noorat

Mount Noorat is a dormant volcano, situated on Glenormiston Road north of the township of Noorat, and approximately six kilometres north of Terang, Victoria, Australia.[1] The last eruption is estimated to have occurred between 5,000 and 20,000 years ago.[2]

Mount Noorat is a major volcano of the Newer Volcanics Province of Victoria, with a peak height of 310 metres above sea level and a crater between 160 and 200 metres. It is characterised by multiple vents, a complex topography, and the deepest scoria enclosed crater in Victoria. The mount illustrates a transition from maar eruption to scoria cone development, and includes megacryst and xenolith.[1]


The Mount was historically a traditional meeting and trading place for the district's Aborigines, the Kirrae Wuurong people, who exchanged stones, spears, skins and other material.[3] Its scoria was used on the district's early roads.[4]

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