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The Light Welterweight class in the boxing at the 2010 Commonwealth Games competition is the fifth lightest class. Light welterweights were limited to those boxers weighing less than 63.5 kilograms (140 lbs).

27 boxers competed in the event.

Like all Olympic boxing events, the competition was a straight single-elimination tournament. Both semifinal losers were awarded bronze medals, so no boxers competed again after their first loss. Bouts consisted of three rounds of three minutes each, with one-minute breaks between rounds. Punches scored only if the front of the glove made full contact with the front of the head or torso of the opponent. Five judges scored each bout; three of the judges had to signal a scoring punch within one second for the punch to score. The winner of the bout was the boxer who scored the most valid punches by the end of the bout.


GoldManoj Kumar
SilverBradley Saunders
BronzeValentino Knowles
Louis Colin



Light Welterwight Bracket

Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
           Jahziel Lewis (SVG) 1  
           Ikani Falekaono (TON) 4  
             Ikani Falekaono (TON) 2  
           Valentino Knowles (BAH) 28  
           Emil Kaoka (PNG) 1  
           Valentino Knowles (BAH) 12  
             Valentino Knowles (BAH) 1  
           Manoj Kumar (IND) 3  
           Chimwemwe Chiotcha (MAW) 0  
  Blackmoses Mathenge (KEN) 5       Blackmoses Mathenge (KEN) 7  
  Hashim Petro (TAN) 1       Blackmoses Mathenge (KEN) 2
  Daniel Lassayo (SLE)       Manoj Kumar (IND) 6  
  Manoj Kumar (IND) RSC       Manoj Kumar (IND) 5  
  Thomas Melville (LCA) RSC       Thomas Melville (LCA) 2  
  Gomotsang Gaasite (BOT)         Manoj Kumar (IND) 11
  Yves Ulysse Jr. (CAN) 6       Bradley Saunders (ENG) 2
  Abdur Rahim (BAN) 1       Yves Ulysse Jr. (CAN) 5
  Fredrick Lawson (GHA) 8       Fredrick Lawson (GHA) 4  
  Muideen Ganiyu (NGR) 5       Yves Ulysse Jr. (CAN) 4
  Mokhachane Moshoeshoe (LES) 2       Bradley Saunders (ENG) 11  
  Anthony Taylor (NZL) 5       Anthony Taylor (NZL) 0  
  Bradley Saunders (ENG) RSCH       Bradley Saunders (ENG) 10  
  Dominic Boatswain (GRN)       Bradley Saunders (ENG) 10  
  Kir Akyazcan (MAS) 4       Louis Colin (MRI) 7  
  Henry Lawrence (DMA) 2       Kir Akyazcan (MAS) 2       
  Philip Bowes (JAM) 5       Philip Bowes (JAM) +2       
  Indrajith Rajapakasha (SRI) 1       Philip Bowes (JAM) 0
  Chris Jenkins (WAL) 0       Louis Colin (MRI) 6  
  Louis Colin (MRI) 7       Louis Colin (MRI) 8
  Luke Woods (AUS) 10       Luke Woods (AUS) 3  
  Steven Donnelly (NIR) 0  


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