List of bishops of Warmia

This is a list of Bishops and Prince-Bishops of the Diocese of Warmia (Polish: Diecezja warmińska, Latin: Dioecesis Varmiensis, German: Bistum Ermland), which was elevated to the Archdiocese of Warmia in 1992.

The Bishopric was founded in 1243 as the Bishopric of Ermland, one of four bishoprics of Teutonic Prussia. In 1356 it became an Imperial Prince-Bishopric under Emperor Charles IV, and from 1512 until 1930 it was an exempt diocese. From 1947 to 1972 the episcopal see was left vacant following the expulsion of the German population and the Bishop of Ermland from Prussia. The cathedral capitular canons elected capitular vicars for the time sede vacante, recognised by the Holy See.

In 1972 the Holy See installed a new Polish diocese, which in 1992 was elevated to an archdiocese.

Bishops of Ermland / Warmia

Prince-Bishops of Ermland / Warmia



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