Augustinus Bludau

Augustinus Bludau (6 March 1862 9 February 1930) was a Bishop of Ermland (Polish: Warmia) in East Prussia from 19091930.

Bludau was born in Guttstadt (Dobre Miasto) as a son of a tailor. After attending the Gymnasium (school) in Elbing, he started to study Catholic divinity at the Collegium Hosianum in Braunsberg (Braniewo). Bludau was ordained in 1887 and worked as a vicar in Marienwerder. He perpetuated his studies in Münster and gained his doctorate in 1891. Afterwards he returned to Braunsberg as a vicar. In 1894, Bludau became apostolic prefect at the bishops seminary and after the death of Andreas Thiel bishop of Ermland.

In 1895 Bludau was appointed a non tenured professor at the University of Münster and in 1899 a full professor of the New Testament.

Bludau died in Frauenburg.


Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Andreas Thiel
Bishop of Ermland
Succeeded by
Maximilian Kaller

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