Beaujolais (province)

Beaujolais (French pronunciation: [boʒɔlɛ]; Arpitan: Biôjolês) is a historical province and a wine-producing region in France. It is located north of Lyon, and covers parts of the north of the Rhône département (Rhône-Alpes) and parts of the south of the Saône-et-Loire département (Burgundy). The region is known internationally for its long tradition of winemaking, and more recently for the enormously popular Beaujolais nouveau.


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Beaujolais' location in France
Beaujolais landscape

The historical capital of the province is Beaujeu (Arpitan: Bôjor / Biôjœr) and the economic capital of the area is Villefranche-sur-Saône (Velafranche).

The Beaujolais Region is located south of Burgundy and its climate is warmer. Because of the difference in region, the Pinot Noir grape normally grown in Burgundy would not do well here. The best soils are mostly granite.


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Almost all the wine produced in the region is red wine from the Gamay grape, of which the heavily-marketed Beaujolais Nouveau is the most famous, the village crus the most prized.

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