Baldor Electric Company

Baldor Electric Co.
Member of the ABB Group
Industry Manufacturing
Founded St. Louis, Missouri (1920)
Headquarters Fort Smith, Arkansas, United States
Key people
Ron Tucker, CEO, President
Products Electric motors
Mechanical Power Transmission
Industrial automation
Revenue IncreaseUS$1.52B (FY 2009)[1]
IncreaseUS$178M (FY 2009)[1]
IncreaseUS$59.8M (FY 2009)[1]
Total assets DecreaseUS$2.65B (FY 2009)[2]
Total equity IncreaseUS$924M (FY 2009)[2]
Number of employees

Baldor Electric Company markets, designs, and manufactures industrial electric motors, mechanical power transmission products, drives, and generator sets.

The company manufactures its products in 17 U.S. locations, 1 in Canada, 2 in China, and 1 in England..

The company's strategy is to be the highest value provider, focusing on quality, service and time.

The company has had a long-term focus on energy-efficiency and was the first in the industry to introduce a line of premium-efficiency industrial electric motors, the Super-E in 1983.

The company sells Baldor*Reliance and ABB branded industrial electric motors. Products are available in both IEC and NEMA configurations and range from 1/50th to 100,000 horsepower.

The company sells Baldor and ABB branded industrial drives and controls.

The brands of mechanical power transmission components are Baldor*Dodge and Baldor*Maska.


Baldor Electric was founded in 1920 by Edwin Ballman and Emil Doerr. The name of the company was derived using part of each of their names. In 1967 the Company's headquarters were moved from St. Louis, Missouri to Fort Smith, Arkansas.

In 2007, Baldor Electric acquired the Dodge and Reliance Electric brands from Rockwell Automation for $1.8 billion. This more than doubled the size of the company, taking it from $800 million in annual revenue to $1.8 billion.

In 2011, Baldor was acquired by ABB Ltd of Switzerland in an all-cash deal of US$4.2 billion ($1.1 billion debt included). The company continues to operate as Baldor Electric Company A Member of the ABB Group.


Industrial Electric Motors




Gear reducers

Power Transmission Components

Baldor's Motion Intelligence Multitasking Language

Baldor has a custom programming language known as the Baldor Motion Language. It possesses a syntax similar to BASIC and offers keywords that are used to create motion control moves easily.

Some syntax follows. A typical program written in the Baldor language contains mostly Subprograms, abbreviated Sub.[3][4]

Private Sub Form_Load()
    Const NodeNumber = 10
    Const CommPort = 1
    Const Baudrate = 57600
End Sub

Subprograms are similar to both functions and classes in other commonly used programming languages.


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