International Combustion

International Combustion
Industry Engineering
Fate Acquired
Successor Clarke Chapman
Founded 1898
Defunct 1997
Headquarters Derby, UK
Products Nuclear engineering
Pulverising mills

International Combustion Limited was a major engineering business based in Derby offering products for the nuclear engineering industry. International Combustion Australia Limited was a separate non-affiliated company.


The Company was founded by W. R. Wood, an American, in 1898 in London as the Automatic Furnance Syndicate.[1] It changed its name to the Underfeed Stoker Company in 1902 and then to International Combustion Engineering when it moved to Derby in 1922.[1] At that time it concentrated on the production of castings from its new foundry.[1]

By 1959 it had expanded its activities such that it was awarded the contract to provide the boilers for Trawsfynydd nuclear power station.[2] It was acquired by Clarke Chapman in 1974 and then absorbed into Northern Engineering Industries ('NEI') in 1977; in 1989 NEI was itself acquired by Rolls Royce plc and they decided to pass on International Combustion to ABB Group in 1997.[3]


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