Attica and Boeotia Prefecture

Attica and Boeotia
Νομός Ἀττικοβοιωτίας
Former prefecture
Country Greece
Established 1833
Disestablished 1943
Capital Athens
Area rank [[List of the prefectures of Greece by area|]]
  Rank [[List of the prefectures of Greece by population|]]

Attica and Boeotia Prefecture (Greek: Νομὸς Ἀττικοβοιωτίας) was a prefecture of Greece.


Attica and Boeotia Prefecture was first established in 1833, abolished in 1836 and split up into Attica and Boeotia, and reconstituted in 1845. The prefecture was split up again into separate Attica and Boeotia prefectures in the 1899 reform, but this was reversed in 1909. The prefecture finally ceased to exist in 1943, when it was again split up into Attica and Boeotia (FEK 223Α/26-7-1943).

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