Apostolic Vicariate of Calapan

Roman Catholic Diocese of Calapan
Vicariatus Apostolicus Calapanensis
Country Philippines
Territory Oriental Mindoro
Metropolitan Lipa
Area 4,364 km2 (1,685 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics

756,000 (92,9%)
Parishes 23
Denomination Roman Catholic
Sui iuris church Latin Church
Rite Roman Rite
Established July 2, 1936
Cathedral Santo Niño Cathedral
Patron saint Santo Niño
Secular priests 42
Current leadership
Pope Francis
Bishop Warlito Cajandig y Itcuas
Metropolitan Archbishop Ramon Arguelles

Jurisdiction of the metropolitan see of the Roman Catholic apostolic vicariate of Calapan.

The Apostolic Vicariate of Calapan (Latin: Vicariatus Apostolicus Calapanensis) is a branch of the Catholic Church in the Philippines. In 2010, 756,000 residents had been baptized out of about 814,000 inhabitants.[1] It is currently headed by Bishop Warlito Cajandig y Itcuas.[2]


The diocese comprises the Philippine province of Oriental Mindoro, where it has six related parishes. Their central episcopal residence is the Santo Niño Cathedral located in Calapan City, where the seat of the Vicariate also resides.[3]


The Apostolic Prefecture of Mindoro was created on July 2, 1936, with territory taken from the diocese of Lipa and Jaro (both today archdioceses).

On July 12, 1951, by virtue of the bull Merit ab Apostolic of Pope Pius XII, the apostolic prefecture was elevated to an apostolic vicariate and assumed its present name.[1]

On December 19, 1974, and January 27, 1983, he sold portions of its territory for the creation of the Diocese of Romblon and the Apostolic Vicariate of San Jose in Mindoro.

Apostolic Vicars


Parish[2] Location[2] Titular

Immaculate Conception Parish Puerto Galera Immaculate Conception Dec 8 Blessed Trinity Parish Complex
Immaculate Conception Parish San Teodoro Immaculate Conception Dec 8 Blessed Trinity Parish Complex
Santo Niño Cathedral Calapan Santo Niño Jan 1 Santo Niño Cathedral Complex
Our Lady of the Pillar Parish Brgy. Comunal, Calapan Our Lady of the Pillar Oct 12 Santo Niño Cathedral Complex
San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish Brgy. Masipit, Calapan San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila Sep 28 Santo Niño Cathedral Complex
Our Mother of Perpetual Help Quasi-Parish Brgy. Managpi, Calapan Our Mother of Perpetual Help Jun 27 Santo Niño Cathedral Complex
Saint Francis of Assisi Quasi-Parish Brgy. Suqui, Calapan Saint Francis of Assisi Oct 4 Santo Niño Cathedral Complex
Saint Benedict Chaplaincy Brgy. Lalud, Calapan Saint Benedict Jul 11 Santo Niño Cathedral Complex
Divine Mercy Chaplaincy Brgy. Pachoca, Calapan Divine Mercy 2nd Sunday
of Easter
Santo Niño Cathedral Complex
Saints Peter & Paul Chaplaincy Brgy. Lumangbayan, Calapan Saints Peter and Paul Jun 29 Santo Niño Cathedral Complex
Good Shepherd Parish Victoria Good Shepherd Oct 15 Good Shepherd Parish Complex
San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish Naujan San Nicolas de Tolentino Sep 10 Good Shepherd Parish Complex
Holy Spirit Parish Brgy. Barcenaga, Naujan Holy Spirit Oct 25 Good Shepherd Parish Complex
Saint Joseph the Worker Parish Brgy. Melgar, Naujan Saint Joseph May 1 Good Shepherd Parish Complex
Saint Anne Chaplaincy Brgy. Macatoc, Victoria Saint Anne Apr 27 Good Shepherd Parish Complex
San Agustin Chaplaincy Brgy. San Agustin, Naujan Saint Augustine Aug 28 Good Shepherd Parish Complex
Santa Rosa de Lima Mission Area Brgy. Aurora, Naujan Good Shepherd Parish Complex
Saint Augustine Parish Pinamalayan Saint Augustine Apr 25 Saint Augustine Parish Complex
Holy Family Parish Socorro Holy Family Jul 27 Saint Augustine Parish Complex
Saint John the Baptist Parish Pola Saint John the Baptist Jun 24 Saint Augustine Parish Complex
Sacred Heart Parish Gloria Sacred Heart Feb 15 Saint Augustine Parish Complex
Divine Savior Parish Bansud Divine Savior Jan 19 Saint Augustine Parish Complex
San Isidro Labrador Mission Area Brgy. Nabuslot, Pinamalayan Saint Augustine Parish Complex
Santo Niño Parish Roxas Santo Niño Jan 25 Santo Niño Parish Complex
Saint Joseph Parish Bongabong Saint Joseph Mar 19 Santo Niño Parish Complex
Christ the King Parish Brgy. San Mariano, Roxas Christ the King Nov 17 Santo Niño Parish Complex
Santa Catalina Parish Mansalay Santa Catalina Nov 25 Santo Niño Parish Complex
Saint Peter & Saint Paul Parish Bulalacao Saint Peter & Saint Paul Jun 29 Santo Niño Parish Complex
San Isidro Mission Area Brgy. San Isidro, Bongabong Santo Niño Parish Complex
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