Anne of Austria, Margravine of Brandenburg

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Anna of Austria

Image of Anna from the 15th century
Margravine of Brandenburg
Tenure 1295–1327
Born 1275
Vienna Austria
Died 1327
Spouse Herman, Margrave of Brandenburg-Salzwedel
Henry VI the Good
Issue Judith, Count of Henneberg
John V, Margrave of Brandenburg
Matilde, Duchess of Greater Poland
Agnes, Margravine of Brandenburg
Elisabeth, Duchess of Oleśnica
House House of Habsburg
Father Albert I of Germany
Mother Elisabeth of Tirol

Anna of Austria (1275–1327) was a daughter of Albert I of Germany and his wife Elisabeth of Tirol. She was a member of the House of Habsburg.

First marriage

Anna first married in 1295 in Graz. Her husband was Herman, Margrave of Brandenburg-Salzwedel. They had four children:

In 1308, Herman died, and their son John succeeded him.

Second marriage

In 1310 Anna married Henry VI the Good, Duke of Wrocław,[1] son of Henry V the Fat and his wife Elisabeth of Greater Poland.[2] They had three daughters:

Anna died in 1327 in Legnica. She left her husband a widower, and she had failed to produce a son. When her husband died ten years later, Wrocław was merged with the Bohemian crown.



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  2. Henry was also Duke of Brzeg and Legnica between 1296 and 1311 as co-ruler with two brothers, who divided up the Silesian duchies among themselves in 1311.Cawley, Charles, SILESIA, Medieval Lands database, Foundation for Medieval Genealogy,
German nobility
Title last held by
Hedwig of Habsburg
Margravine of Brandenburg-Salzwedel
23/24 August 1298 – 1 January 1308
Title next held by
Katharina of Glogau
Title last held by
Elisabeth of Kalisz
Duchess consort of Wrocław
territories of the Duchy of Wrocław incorporated into the Kingdom of Bohemia
Duchess consort of Brzeg
Title next held by
Margaret of Bohemia
Duchess consort of Legnica
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