Engelbert III, Count of Gorizia

Engelbert III, Count of Gorizia

Coat of arms of the Albertine line of the Meinhardiner dynasty, the Counts of Gorizia, in the Ingeram Codex, 1459
Spouse(s) Matilda
Matilda of Andechs
Noble family Meinhardiner
Father Engelbert II, Count of Gorizia
Mother Adelaide of Scheyen-Dachau-Valley
Died 1220

Engelbert III, Count of Gorizia (died 1220) was a member of the Meinhardiner dynasty. He ruled the County of Gorizia from 1191 until his death.

Engelbert's father was Engelbert II, Count Palatine of Carinthia and Count of Gorizia. His mother was Adelaide, the daughter of Count Otto I of Wittelsbach. In 1191, Engelbert II inherited the County of Gorizia jointly with his brother Meinhard II. During his reign, Engelbert acquired the title of Vogt of Aquileia. He also acted as bailiff of Millstatt.

In 1183, he married a noble lady named Matilda. In 1190, he remarried, to Matilda of Andechs, Countess of Pisino, the daughter of Berthold I of Istria, Count of Andechs (as Berthold III) and Margrave of Istria (as Berthold I). The latter Matilda was the mother of his successor Meinhard III.

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Engelbert III, Count of Gorizia
Died: 1220
Preceded by
Engelbert II
Count of Gorizia
With: Meinhard II
Succeeded by
Meinhard III

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