Recapping IPFS in Q2 2019 🎉

by Jenn Turner on 2019-07-09

We’re officially halfway through 2019! To celebrate, we put together a very special issue looking back on all that the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) community has accomplished so far in 2019. From milestones like shipping IPFS Camp and new releases, to the many awesome (and new!) contributors who have joined us, and what’s to come for the rest of this year, we hope you enjoy this quarterly recap.

Thanks for being part of our community, we truly couldn’t make IPFS what it is without you. ❤️


The first IPFS Camp was a blast

Last month, 160 attendees traveled from 22+ countries to the 3-day hacker retreat, marking the first official IPFS Camp. Attendees enjoyed core and elective courses, poster sessions, lightning talks, a Sci-Fi Fair, an unconf and more! If you couldn’t be there, check out the recap (with video) of the event on the blog.

New releases of js-ipfs 0.35.0 and js-ipfs 0.36.0

In April and May, the IPFS community received two new releases of js-ipfs. The first, js-ipfs 0.35.0 cut the bundle size by half and the second, version 0.36.0, added URL safe CIDs, refs commands, DOM File support and more. Great work everyone!

More releases: go-ipfs 0.4.20 and go-ipfs 0.4.21

The team working on the Go implementation of the IPFS Protocol also shipped two releases this quarter. go-ipfs 0.4.20 included critical performance and stability fixes, as well as a major WebUI release. Version 0.4.21 brought key bug fixes, experimental TLS1.3 support, reduced memory usage, base32 CIDv1 CIDs and more new features. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

Plus js-libp2p 0.25.0 released

Version 0.25.0 of js-libp2p, released in April, featured auto-dialing to discovered peers by default, better connection management, blacklisting undialable nodes, and more! This version was automagically included in js-ipfs 0.35.0, so you’ve probably been reaping the benefits of our awesome libp2p team for awhile. Enjoy!

New ProtoSchool tutorial shipped on the IPFS Mutable File System (MFS)

Last month, ProtoSchool added a brand new tutorial to their collection of decentralized web protocol tutorials. This 11-session tutorial on the Mutable File System (MFS) teaches you how to work with files and directories as if you were using a traditional name-based file system. Check it out, or show it to someone you know.

IPFS contributor office hours began in May

The IPFS Weekly community call takes place on Mondays at 17:00 UTC and has for awhile, but in May, Oli Evans started hosting the IPFS contributor office hours during the hour beforehand. Starting at 16:00, IPFS contributors, or would-be contributors can tune in to talk IPFS and ask questions. It’s open to everyone so please join us!

We approve this awesome IPFS content

Q2 by the names and numbers

All told 129 contributors produced approximately 2,080 commits across 96 repositories in the IPFS project this past quarter. Thank you to the following folks for making it happen:

@0xf77 @achingbrain @aeddi @agentofuser @alanshaw @alari @alexander255 @AliMirlou @ana0 @andrew @arku @aschmahmann @AuHau @autonome @b5 @bigs @CameronNemo @campoy @carsonfarmer @cbuesser @chirag-shinde @cwaring @cwchristerw @da2x @DavidBurela @daviddias @deshmukhmayur @dirkmc @djdv @eingenito @elopio @eric wu @fd @fsdiogo @gilesbradshaw @gjeanmart @gnunicorn @gorhgorh @Gozala @greenkeeper @hacdias @hannahhoward @hsanjuan @hugomrdias @ianopolous @imjoshholloway @jacobheun @jamiew @jessicaschilling @jimpick @jkami @jmank88 @JonahAragorn @Jonybang @josselinchevalay @kishansagathiya @koalalorenzo @KonoromiHimaries @kpcyrd @KrishnaPG @Kubuxu @lanzafame @lemmi @leshokunin @lidel @lordcirth @m-rey @magik6k @magnshen @makoto @maparent @MarneeDear @marten-seemann @MasashiSalvador57f @MattSkala @mburns @meiqimichelle @mib-kd743naq @michaelavila @MichealMure @michaelsbradleyjr @mikeal @momack2 @Monotox @niinpatel @NukeManDan @myself659 @obo20 @olibye @olizilla @parkan @PedroMiguelSS @pepoospina @pgte @pkafei @postables @Prabhakar-Poudel @Qmstream @raulk @reinerRubin @renrutnnej @requilence @rduplain @rklaehn @romaric-juniet @run-ze @rvagg @sanderpick @satazor @smwa @Stebalien @stefanhans @studyzy @teran-mckinney @terichadbourne @tmcw @travisperson @vanjan @vasa-develop @vasco-santos @victorb @vikramsk @vmx @whyrusleeping @Wondertan @xaionaro @xuhcc @yrliou @zer

Please help us in welcoming these 72 new contributors 👏

@aeddi @alari @AliMirlou @ana0 @arku @AuHau @b5 @bigs @CameronNemo @campoy @carsonfarmer @cbuesser @chirag-shinde @da2x @DavidBurela @deshmukhmayur @elopio @eric wu @fd @gilesbradshaw @gjeanmart @gnunicorn @gorhgorh @imjoshholloway @jessicaschilling @jkami @JonahAragorn @Jonybang @josselinchevalay @KonoromiHimaries @kpcyrd @KrishnaPG @lemmi @leshokunin @lordcirth @m-rey @magnshen @makoto @maparent @MarneeDear @marten-seemann @MasashiSalvador57f @mburns @mib-kd743naq @MichealMure @michaelsbradleyjr @Monotox @NukeManDan @myself659 @pepoospina @Prabhakar-Poudel @Qmstream @reinerRubin @requilence @rduplain @rklaehn @romaric-juniet @run-ze @sanderpick @smwa @stefanhans @studyzy @teran-mckinney @tmcw @travisperson @vanjan @vasa-develop @vikramsk @Wondertan @xaionaro @xuhcc @yrliou @zer

Once again, thanks for all of your hard work and contributions in Q2. Keep up the great job!

Coming up next in 2019

New Package Managers Group researching needs & use cases

Progress on our top 2019 priority is accelerating!

Thanks for reading ☺️

That’s it for this special edition of the IPFS Weekly. If we missed something, send us an email and let us know! Next week we’ll return with all the news that’s happened across the ecosystem since the last weekly.

If this is your first time reading the IPFS Weekly, you can learn more or get involved by checking out the project on GitHub, or joining us on IRC.

See you next week! 👋