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Anyone who has had intimate contact with a man as a boy is considered a victim of a crime. Sexual acts between adults and children are prohibited.

But what if the boy doesn’t feel like a victim at all? What if he has experienced affection and warmth that were really important to him? What if he got the support and attention he needed at the time? What if he felt that the intimate experiences were pleasing?

For society, none of this matters. The boy and the man he is growing up to be, are considered damaged. For life. He has to keep a secret to protect someone who was once incredibly important in his life. Forever.

Only the person concerned should be entitled to judge an intimate experience with an adult. This right is trampled on every day. And with it, those affected are also trampled on. This gross disregard must stop. The JUMIMA project tries to contribute a little bit to this. It is meant to show that reality can be different from what is commonly perceived. We would like to encourage and strengthen people who do not feel abused and who do not want to be pathologized or victimized. Let this project help to release the curse of silence that lies on a positive experience and to break a taboo that is harmful to those affected.

We let the reports stand for themselves largely without commentary. Every reader should form their own opinion.

Victims of abuse

This collection of positive experiences is in no way intended to relativize the suffering of the many children who have been victims of sexualized violence!


Those who have had positive experiences themselves and would like to share them here are invited to do so. It is fine to submit anonymously and we will never share or retain any personal information, whatsoever!

Please send submissions to

Submissions of reports may be published in this archive, unless the submitter doesn’t want that. All names and other content that could make it possible to identify the protagonists are removed unless they expressly request it.

Those who feel that the project speaks to them for other reasons can also contact the initiators via . It is not necessary to be affected yourself. Breaking a taboo is hard work and any help and encouragement is welcome. We’re happy to hear from you!

Background of the project

Even though the archive is primarily about supporting those who do not feel abused and do not see themselves as victims, the project idea does not come from a former boy who felt loved, but from a man who can fall in love with boys. Since the project is committed to the truth, it is important to disclose this.

Despite this background, it is not the aim of the project to decriminalize sexual contacts, but to prevent the pathologization of persons who do not perceive themselves as victims. An existing but subordinate goal is to permanently document cases that are currently extremely underrepresented in public reporting and scientific practice. They should be presented realistically from the perspective of those affected.


The plausibility assessment must be viewed as subjective. You can read it like this:

1 - There is concrete evidence that the report may not be credible. However, these doubts are not very substantial.
2 - The report is plausible, but there are indications that parts of the report may not be credible.
3 - The report is plausible and credible.
4 - The report is plausible, credible and comes from a particularly trustworthy source, e.g. from a scientific publication.
5 - The report is plausible and credible, e.g. because the author has disclosed his identity.