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About Me

Founder @ OriginalMy, computer scientist, teacher, information security and infrastructure specialist. Graduated in Copyright on Harvard Law School, Convenor of Security, Privacy and Identity representing ABNT/Brazil @ ISO/TC307 - Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, Member of EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum - Government services and digital identity.

Author of Hääl - the first open-source protocol for Secret e-Voting on Public Blockchains. Built a brilliant team to develop Open Prescription - the TOP 10 global solution for governance as a response to COVID-19 crisis @ The Global Hack hackathon.

CEO&Founder @ OriginalMy.com, since 2015 being most awarded Estonian startup in Brazil.
OriginalMy is the worldwide first RegTech blockchain-powered platform that builds trust on governance to seamless authenticate identities, authorisation signatures and digital content.


The main key achievements are:

  • having blockchain proofs accepted in the Court of Appeals,
  • new laws created that started on our engines (through Mudamos+),
  • marriages and child born registrations,
  • used by presidential candidates to fight against fake-news dissemination,
  • shareholders e-voting on Brazilian Fintechs Association,
  • mentioned in books and academic papers,
  • Brazilians no longer need to go to the notary to authenticate documents, because of a notary integration,
  • featured on a US documentary of Reason.tv: "3 Ways Bitcoin is Promoting Freedom in Latin America"
  • featured on a documentary of Globo, the second largest commercial TV: "Estonia has a pioneering project to end bureaucracy and facilitate citizens' lives"


  • 2016: Google.org Social Impact Challenge (through Mudamos+ by ITS-Rio - app for signing public petitions powered by our engine for identity, signatures and authentication),
  • 2017: Financial Personality of the Year,
  • 2018: Most Innovative Startup,
  • 2019: Selected by United Nations (ITU-T) as a blockchain use-case making social impact, recognised as Trusted Blockchain Application by European Union (INATBA), awarded as an innovative solution by Brazilian Banks Association.
  • 2020: Selected by BrazilLab GovTech Accelerator Program, selected as a finalist on EIC Horizon Blockchain for Good Prize, made Open Prescription a TOP 10 solution for Governance @ The Global Hack Hackathon


Any tips and donations is greatly appreciated! You may send any of the following coins to the address below. Thank you!

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