(((Coincidence Detector)))

Detect (((names))) for a reminder of what total coincidences have occurred in the past, and continue to occur today.

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Echo Factor

Customize the number of parentheses. Is (((3))) too much? Try ((2)).

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to parenthesize"

— Anonymous

Email names with links to evidence to coincidence@protonmail.com

Donate Bitcoin: 14QFsahfwu6W3JHokEasP6K7jFEVLH1T9M

Firefox Extension


  1. Download (Right click, Save Link As...)
  2. Drag the file onto a running Firefox window



  1. Add Install Chrome Extensions to Opera
  2. Download (Right click, Save Link As...) coincidence-detector.crx
  3. Type chrome://extensions into the address bar
  4. Drag the .crx file onto extensions screen
  5. Click Install when prompted

Safari Extension


  1. Download and install Tampermonkey
  2. Visit Coincidence Detector at Greasy Fork
  3. Click Install this script
  4. Click Install
  5. Script will auto-load when next site is visited

Chrome Extension (Windows)


  1. Install 7-Zip (.msi 64-bit x64), used to extract the Chrome extension
  2. Download (Right click, Save Link As...) coincidence-detector.crx
  3. Extract
    • Click the arrow next to the file on the download bar and select Show in Folder
    • Right click the .crx file, and extract using 7-Zip
  4. Enable Chrome Developer Mode
    • Type chrome://extensions into the address bar
    • Tick Developer mode
  5. Click Load unpacked extension... and select the extracted folder

Note: Every time you start Chrome, you're going to see a "Disable developer mode extensions" prompt. Just hit Cancel.