What is Akashick?

Akashick offers a platform to send uncensorable immutable messages. It can be used to wish, express, timestamp or regain one's freedom of speech. - Uncensored Journalism - Reporters without borders. Article 19.

Carvings on a Stone:
Playfully, Akashick invites you to find creative ways to express, embed and communicate on a single chain while lifting the verse forever. As messages/data is embedded on blockchain, it cannot be taken down, censored, edited, and is publicly visible. The MainNet version of Akashick is hosted over decentralised web via IPFS and unstoppable domains.

Navigation Controls

W A S D and Q E to move
+ Click, Scroll to rotate and zoom
F to switch to fly/dragoncam, + shift for speed
Click on blocks to view full Message.

How can I send an immutable uncensorable message/data?

From any Eth supported wallet - you can put the messages in the input(HEX) field while sending a transaction to the Akashick Address. However do note, you need to convert to Hex and add 0x in the starting. Some wallets such as MyEtherWallet has a sign transaction feature which does this automatically for you.

Any data can be converted and represented as HEX, including files, pdf, images etc. This can be used to timestamp or communicate. However at this moment Akashick supports messages only and if you are sending a file include instructions in HEX for people to convert and view, such as file type etc.

What is the wallet address of Akashick? Where to send?

Akashick is tied to Ethereum address 0x5D4F634A8c585b9A4B15fd99511D23F0bbfDd1f5 (ETH only) You can also use akashick.crypto for wallet address in services that support unstoppable blockchain-domain addresses.

Do I need money/crypto to send my message?

You do not need to send any ETH to send a message. However as messages are embedded on-chain there is inevitable transaction fee on the MainNet version of Akashick.

We also have a Rinkeby-Testnet Version tied to same address , where users can send messages by getting free rinketh from rinkeby faucets - to note: testnets doesnot offer 100% immutability but are still cencorship resistant to some extent. MainNet and Rinkeby Testnet Versions of this installation are hosted at different url's and the message chain is not linked to each-other, however the wallet address is same for both.

We have created the testnet version for users who just wish to test without real eth fee(which is very minor), or are unable to obtain real eth and need to put their word out.

Any extra funds send to the mainnet wallet will be used for its further development(we have some great ideas for the environment including festivals, NFT's and more), maintainence, spreading the awarness, and install the project in public places, the fundamental goal of this art project is also as well to spread awarness of blockchain systems, decentralized tech and to get people to use and interact with these emerging environments.

esoteric ~

The name Akashick for this Art Project is vaguely derived from these concepts: -
Akasha (ākāśa आकाश) is the Sanskrit word for 'aether', 'sky', or 'atmospher - an expression for freedom. Akashic Records is said to be compendium/knowledge of events encoded forever in a subconcious cloud of existence. 'ck' is obtained from Magick, a reconcillation of one's free will.

call to artists / dev. // tell me more ~

Call to Artists:
We envision the Verse(diamond) as a collaborative Art Space, the idea being the inner-space keeps evolving with the chain in an open collaborative way. If you are a 3D-2D artist and would like to be a part of it, get in touch, send in your art.

Call to devs:
We have some exciting thoughts around gamification, events in the space, collaboration with other decentralised games and NFT Artvertses, however still in early stages. If you would like to be a part of it or have your own ideas, write to us.

Akashik is an open source project: https://github.com/AkashickVerse
Follow the project on: https://twitter.com/Akashick_crypto
We also plan to take the project to expos and exhibitions to spread blockchain awarness.