Almonit Decentralized Search Engine Release

Our decentralized search engine first version is out!

Try it out and let us know if you liked it at or Twitter.

Almonit Decentralized Search engine is released!

Use it in almonit.eth, if you got our browser extension or in otherwise.

This should be the start of every Dweb journey from now on.

In the previous post I promised a celebration full of balloons. So, balloons (courtesy of icon8):

Yey! We did it! We created a decentralized search engine!

Almonit decentralized search engine in a nutshell

Almonit search engines for Dwebsites is a decentralized, private search engine. Let’s break this down, shall we?

The search engine searches only Dwebsites. This version supports so far ENS+IPFS Dwebsites.

The search engine is decentralized itself. This means that it’s served via IPFS and accessible using ENS. You access and use the search engine without our aid, knowledge or involvement.

For the same reason, the search engine is private. Searches are being done client-side. No one knows what you searched for.

This was our dream and this is what we implemented.

Basic features

  1. Indexes (almost) all known Dwebsites. Let us know if we forgot anything (
  1. Contains additional Dwebsites directory. We realize that at this stage you want also to see what exists, not only search.
  1. Private. Want a proof? Try the following experiment. Load almonit.eth, disconnect from the internet, and try searching for something. It’s working, right?

This shows no one is involved in your searches.

However, in future versions we intend to distribute the index in IPFS so this level of privacy will be replaced with “as private as IPFS is” (more or less).

  1. Decentralized. Here’s an experiment for advanced users: try accessing almonit.eth using only Ethereum node and IPFS daemon.
  1. Auto-complete. The search engine will automatically auto-complete your queries and show you possible searching options.
  1. Results summary: each result has a short summary text.

Future plans

  1. Extend to more Dwebsites options! Possible candidates? Unstoppable domains, Swarm etc.
  1. Scale the search engine using IPFS and IPLD special properties.
  1. Add general info in addition to search results. What does it mean? Let’s say you search for ‘Almonit’, then you’ll get all the Almonit search results with an additional box explaining what Almonit project is.
  1. Connection to blockchain wallets: use blockchain, not payment services.
  1. Connection to user’s decentralized names (if they have any), such as ENS, Unstoppable Domains or Namecoin.
  1. Connection to self sovereign identities.