Zhenxiong County

Zhenxiong County

Zhenxiong County, in Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province, China

Location of Zhenxiong County (pink) in Zhaotong City (yellow) and Yunnan Province (gray)

Location of the county seat in Yunnan

Coordinates: 27°27′N 104°52′E / 27.450°N 104.867°E / 27.450; 104.867
Country People's Republic of China
Province Yunnan
Prefecture-level city Zhaotong
Township-level divisions 16 towns
10 townships
2 ethnic townships
County seat Wufeng Town (乌峰镇)
  Total 3,785 km2 (1,461 sq mi)
  Land 3,785 km2 (1,461 sq mi)
Elevation 1,684 m (5,525 ft)
Population [1]
  Total 1,460,000
  Density 390/km2 (1,000/sq mi)
Time zone China Standard Time (UTC+8)
Postal code 657200
Area code(s) 0870
Website http://www.zx.gov.cn/
Zhenxiong People's Park

Zhenxiong County (simplified Chinese: 镇雄县; traditional Chinese: 鎮雄縣; pinyin: Zhèn Xióng Xiàn) is a county in the northeast of Yunnan province, China, under the administration of Zhaotong prefecture and bordering Guizhou and Sichuan.


Zhengxiong County is located in the northeastern part of Yunnan province. It has an area of 3,785 square kilometres (1,461 sq mi),[1] a latitude ranging from 27° 17' to 27° 50' N and a longitude ranging from 104° 18' to 105° 19' E. The county has a maximum north-south extent of 54 km (34 mi) and a maximum east-west width of 99 km (62 mi). It borders Xuyong County (Sichuan) to the east across the Chishui River, Hezhang County (Guizhou) to the south, Yiliang County to the west, and Weixin County to the north. The village of Delong (德隆村) in Potou Township (坡头乡) is located near the triple intersection point of the three provinces, and is so nicknamed the "fowl cry of the three provinces" (鸡鸣三省). By road, the prefectural seat of Zhaotong is 265 km (165 mi) to the west, Kunming is 598 km (372 mi) to the southwest, Guiyang is 326 km (203 mi) to the southeast, Chongqing is 505 km (314 mi) to the northeast, and Chengdu 618 km (384 mi) to the north-northwest.

Zhenxiong is located amongst the northern slopes of the Yunnan–Guizhou Plateau, with elevations increasing from northeast to southwest, although the central and southern areas are more level. Elevations range from 2,416 m (7,927 ft) at Mount Jiayao (戛么山), in the village of Maiche (麦车村), An'er Township (安尔乡), down to 630 m (2,070 ft) in the village of Tongping (桐坪村), Luokan Town (罗坎镇). Most of the county has a subtropical highland climate; the annual mean is 11.3 °C (52.3 °F), sunshine totals 1,341 hours annually, the frost-free period is 218.6 days, and annual precipitation averages 914.6 millimetres (36.01 in).

Administrative Divisions

Zhenxiong County consists of ten townships:

Pinyin name Simplified Chinese name
1 Wufeng Town 乌峰镇
2 Niuchang Town 牛场镇
3 Luokan Town L罗坎镇
4 Yuhe Town 雨河镇
5 Mangbu Town M芒部镇
6 Chishuiyuan Town 赤水源镇
7 Yile Town 以勒镇
8 Dawan Town 大湾镇
9 Muxiang Town 母享镇
10 Heishu Town 黑树镇


Ethnic townships in Zhenxiong County. Light green - Yi. Blue - Miao.

Most people in Zhenxiong County speak Standard Chinese (commonly called "Mandarin"), which is used in the media, by the government, and as the language of instruction in education. A notable exception is the Yi people, who commonly speak the Yi language). The other significant minority group living in Zhenxiong County is the Miao people, who live at higher elevations in the county.


Zhenxiong possesses rich mineral resources (in total 30 species), including coal, pyrite, marble, and cryolite. Among them, coal and pyrite have a very wide distribution with richer reserves. The prospective reserves and industrial reserves of coal are 7.4 million tons and 4.517 million tons, respectively. The former accounts for 28.01% of provincial output, and the latter is about 17.1%.



The main road passing through Zhenxiong County is China Provincial Road (302 Shengdao), which is a shengdao or shoudou, or provincial road. Other important provincial roads include (212 Shengdao) and (324 Shengdao). China County Road (252 Xiandao) and (253 Xiandao) are important xiandao, or county-level roads that also pass through Zhenxiong County.

From Zhenxiong County, it is roughly 320 km to Guiyang, 500 km to Chongqing, 535 km to Chengdu, 570 km to Kunming, 900 km to Nanning, 1200 km to Xi'an, 1220 km to Guangzhou, 1330 km to Shenzhen, 1570 km to Lanzhou, 1790 km to Xiamen, and 2250 km to Beijing.



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