Federal Office of Administration

Federal Office of Administration
Bundesverwaltungsamt (BVA)
Agency overview
Formed 14 January 1960 (1960-01-14)
Superseding agency
  • Bundesstelle für Verwaltungsangelegenheiten
Jurisdiction Government of Germany
Headquarters Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia
Employees 4,000
Agency executive
  • Christoph Verenkotte, President
Website http://www.bundesverwaltungsamt.de
Head office

The Federal Office of Administration (German: Bundesverwaltungsamt, BVA) is an agency of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, headquartered in Cologne.[1] [2]

Central Agency for German Schools Abroad

The Central Agency for German Schools Abroad (Zentralstelle für das Auslandsschulwesen, ZfA) is a part of this office.[3]

Schools that are a part of the ZfA network serve children of expatriates working for offices of German multinational companies and/or who live in major centres of economic and/or political operations. Schools in some locations emphasise ties to Germany and/or Germanness while others emphasize international connections and education and promote their instruction of the English language. Many German schools in the Middle East and the Far East emphasize international education, and many schools in developing countries have German-speaking groups as the minority in their student bodies.[4] Schools attracting English-speaking and local students have websites and materials in other languages. In other parts of the world German schools are catered to local German communities.[5] Within North America many schools emphasise ties to Germany, and there are some Saturday-only programs in operation on that continent.[4]

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