Zamindar (1965 film)

Directed by V. Madhusudhan Rao
Produced by Tammareddy Krishna Murthy
Starring Akkineni Nageswara Rao
Krishna Kumari
Music by T.Chalapathi Rao
Cinematography P. N. Selvaraj
Release dates
Running time
174 minutes
Country India
Language Telugu

Zamindar (Telugu: జమీందార్) is a 1965 Telugu thriller film directed by V. Madhusudhan Rao and produced by Tammareddy Krishna Murthy of Ravindra Art Pictures.


The film is about a CID Officer who pretends as a criminal to recover the Rs. 25 Lakhs of stolen money from a group of thieves. The film opens with Saroja (Krishna Kumari) with her friends go for a picnic and confront with the Hero Seshagiri (Akkineni Nageswara Rao) and his friends for accommodation in a Guest House and tease each other. Saroja is the Daughter of a rich man Narahari (Mudigonda Lingamurthy) and Seshagiri is the Pampered Brother of Subbarao (Gummadi) and his wife Lakshmi (Hemalatha). Seshagiri and Saroja fall in love.

The story takes a sharp turn with the entrance of the Villain Raju (Nagabhushanam). Narahari is worried at his arrival because of the dark past between them.

Six Friends Narahari, Raju, Joginder, Johnny, Murthy and Kumar worked in Military during the Second World War. Narahari was entrusted with the Job of transporting 25 Lakhs of money to a certain place by the Army. He was accompanied by the rest. All the Friends decide to grab the money. They hide the money and inform their superiors that the money was seized by the enemies.

After the war, the friends decide to share the Stolen Amount. Joginder was discharged early from duty. Hence he was entrusted the job of safe-guarding the money. However, Joginder was arrested by the Police in Kolkata for a different reason. Narahari is left with a box belonging to Joginder which contained clothes and an old watch.

Raju persistently asks Narahari about stolen money of 25 Lakhs taken from Joginder. However, Narahari is totally ignorant about this money. Raju threatens Narahari and takes half share from his property and kills him. Saroja mistakes Seshagiri as the murderer. Meanwhile, Johnny (Satyanarayana), Murthy (Nellore Kantha Rao) and Kumar come to Narahari's house for the money. Raju tells them that he is also in search of the same. Raju cleverly kills Kumar and Johnny. Meanwhile, Joginder comes to Narahari's house and tells the others that the money is converted into diamonds and hidden in the old watch. Murthy tries to run for the watch and is killed by Joginder. Finally Raju is killed in a Gunfight with the Seshagiri before which he confesses his crimes in the presence of Saroja. Saroja repents for mistaking Seshagiri.

It is finally revealed that Seshagiri is an undercover police officer. The stolen money is handed over to the Government. Seshagiri and Saroja are married.




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