Chissioua Mtsamboro

Chissioua Mtsamboro
The larger island of Chissioua Mtsamboro seen off the northwest coast of Mayotte

Chissioua Mtsamboro, widely known previously as Zamburu Island, also Saddle Island, is an island, about 3 miles off the northwest coast of Mayotte in the Indian Ocean in the Comoros archipelago.[1] It lies north of the Choazil Islands, just off the coast of Mtsamboro.[2][3]This stretch of water is known as the Zamburu Passage,[1] part of the Mozambique Channel.[4] Chissiou Mtsamboro is a mountainous island covering 2 square kilometres, providing shelter to the main stretch of beach, tucked away in the southwest of the island which contains a main settlement and numerous huts dotted along the beach. Its highest point reaches an altitude of 273 metres. The soundings close to the reef which surrounds the island is from 10 to 15 fathoms.[1]


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Coordinates: 12°38′41″S 45°1′53″E / 12.64472°S 45.03139°E / -12.64472; 45.03139

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