Zamboanga City Council

Zamboanga City Council
Consejo de la Ciudad de Zamboanga
Term limits
3 terms (9 years)
Presiding Officer
Cesar Iturralde, LDP
Seats 16 councilors
1 ex officio presiding officer
3 ex officio members[1]
Political groups
Length of term
3 years
Authority Zamboanga City 1937 Charter
Local Government Code of the Philippines
Plurality-at-large voting
Last election
May 13, 2013
Next election
May 9, 2016
Meeting place
Zamboanga Sangguniang Panglungsod Building
Official website of the City Council of Zamboanga

The Zamboanga City Council (Chavacano: Consejo de la Ciudad de Zamboanga) is Zamboanga City's Sangguniang Panlungsod or local legislature.

Composed of 18 members, with 16 councilors elected from Zamboanga City's two legislative districts and two (2) members composed of the President of the Liga ng mga Barangay ng Lungsod ng Zamboanga (English: League of Barangays of the City of Zamboanga) and the President of the Pederasyon ng Sangguniang Kabataan (English: Federation of Youth Councils).

However, the composition of the Council changed when the representation of the youth was left unfilled during the 2013 Sangguniang Kabataan elections by virtue of Republic Act No. 10362,[2] postponing the SK elections from 2013 to 2015 to pave way for reforms in the considered corrupt agency in the government. So since 2013, the youth sector in the city has no representative to the Council effectively decreasing its membership from 18 to 17. The youth representation will be filled again in the upcoming 2016 elections.[3]

On 2014, the membership of the Council increased again by 1 as an assembly of the indigenous peoples in the city chose a representative to represent their interests in the Council.[4]

The presiding officer of the council is the Vice-Mayor, who is elected citywide.

The council is responsible for creating laws and ordinances under Zamboanga City's jurisdiction. The mayor can veto proposed bills, but the council can override it with a two-thirds supermajority.


The first legislative body of Zamboanga was established in 1914 composed of councilors who represented the different districts of barrios of then-municipality of Zamboanga. When the City Charter of Zamboanga was signed on October 12, 1936, the municipal council was replaced by the City Council presided by the mayor and consisted of five councilors, the city treasurer and the city engineer. All members are appointed by the President of the Philippine Commonwealth.

With the passage of Republic Act No. 1210 on April 29, 1955, the position of mayor became elective and the post of vice-mayor was created. The Council also became elective and its membership was increased to eight presided by the vice-mayor.

During the Marcos regime, the city council was renamed to Sangguniang Panglungsod and its membership shuffled. The mayor became the presiding-officer while the vice-mayor became a regular member. Other representatives such as the agriculture, business and labor sectoral representatives; chairman of the Kabataan Barangay Federation and the president of the Association of Barangay Captains was added to the council. All members of the council except for the mayor and the vice-mayor are all appointed by the President.

After Marcos was deposed, a new Local Government Code was enacted in 1991 and the mayor was restored to the executive branch. The city council organization existed since.

Manner of election

Each of Zamboanga City's two legislative districts elects eight councilors to the council. In plurality-at-large voting, a voter may vote up to eight candidates, with the candidates having the eight highest number of votes being elected. In addition, the Barangay chairmen and the SK chairmen throughout the city elect amongst themselves their representatives to the council. Hence, there are 18 councilors. The representative of the indigenous peoples (IPs) in the city is elected by bonafide members of the IP Council of Elders who will serve with the same functions of a city councilor.

City council elections are synchronized with other elections in the country. Elections are held every first Monday of May every third year since 1992.

Sangguniang Panglungsod Building

Current membership

As the presiding officer, Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde can only vote to break ties.

The list below comprises the members of the Council[5]

Councilor Party District Current Term Started # of Terms

Jerry E. Perez Nonpartisan LNB 2013 1
vacant Nonpartisan SK
vacant Nonpartisan IP
Myra Paz Valderrosa-Abubakar LDP 1st 2010 2
Rommel Agan UNA 2nd 2010 2
Miguel Alavar III LDP 2nd 2010 2
Rodolfo Bayot UNA 1st 2010 2
Luis Biel III LDP 1st 2007 3
Juan Climaco Elago II UNA 2nd 2013 1
Vincent Paul Elago AZAP 2nd 2010 2
Benjamin Guingona IV LDP 2nd 2013 1
Cesar Jimenez, Jr. NPC 1st 2007 3
Charlie Mariano LDP 1st 2013 1
Roel Natividad Liberal 2nd 2013 1
Josephine Pareja Independent 1st 2013 1
Percival Ramos LDP 2nd 2010 2
Eduardo Saavedra Jr. LDP 2nd 2007 3
Melchor Sadain Independent 1st 2007 3
Rogelio Valesco, Jr. LDP 1st 2007 3
Party Total %
LDP 8 42.1%
UNA 3 15.7%
Liberal 1 5.3%
NPC 1 5.3%
AZAP 1 5.3%
Independent 2 10.5%
Nonpartisan 3 15.7%
Total 19 100%
District 12345678
Ex officio [6]

Powers, duties and functions

The Sangguniang Panlungsod, as the legislative body of the city, is mandated by the Local Government Code of 1991 to[1]:

Furthermore, the following duties and functions are relegated to the Sangguniang Panlungsod:

Standing committees

There are 32 standing committees in the city council each headed by a city councilor.[7]

Committee Chairperson Vice-Chairperson
Agriculture and Agrarian Relations Miguel Alavar III Luis Biel III
Anti-Drugs Jerry E. Perez Roel Natividad
Appointments Juan Climaco Elago II Roel Natividad
Appropriations Rogelio Valesco, Jr. Benjamin Guingona IV
Awards Miguel Alavar III Luis Biel III
Cooperatives Myra Paz Abubakar Percival Ramos
Disaster and Relief Services Cesar Jimenez, Jr. Benjamin Guingona IV
Education Rogelio Valesco, Jr. Rodolfo Bayot
Elderly and Disadvantaged Groups Luis Biel III
Energy and Public Utilities Charlie Mariano Roel Natividad
Ethics, Rules and Privilege Luis Biel III Charlie Mariano
Franchise Luis Biel III Roel Natividad
Games and Amusement Josephine Pareja Vincent Paul Elago
Good Government Melchor Sadain Charlie Mariano
Health and Sanitation Vincent Paul Elago Myra Paz Abubakar
Human Rights Rommel Agan Roel Natividad
Labor and Industrial Relations Miguel Alavar III Benjamin Guingona IV
Markets and Slaugtherhouse Eduardo Saavedra, Jr. Percival Ramos
Muslim and Cultural Affairs Myra Paz Abubakar
Natural Resources and Environment Protection Charlie Mariano
Ordinances and Resolutions Charlie Mariano Miguel Alavar III
Peace and Order Jerry E. Perez
Public Works Eduardo Saavedra, Jr. Jerry E. Perez
Rural Affairs Jerry E. Perez Percival Ramos
Science and Technology Vincent Paul Elago Myra Paz Abubakar
Tourism, Arts, Culture and Foreign Relations Vincent Paul Elago Rogelio Valesco, Jr.
Trade, Investment and Industry Benjamin Guingona IV Miguel Alavar III
Urban Planning and Land Use Percival Ramos Jerry E. Perez
Urban Poor and People's Organization and NGO Percival Ramos Rodolfo Bayot
Ways and Means Benjamin Guingona IV Charlie Mariano
Women, Children and Family Welfare Myra Paz Abubakar Rogelio Valesco, Jr.
Youth and Sports Development Roel Natividad


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