Zajas Municipality

Zajas municipality
Општина Зајас
Komuna e Zajazit


Country Republic of Macedonia
region Southwestern Statistical Region
Municipal seat Zajas
  Total 11,605
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
Split from Kičevo Municipality in 1996
Merged into Kičevo Municipality in 2013

Zajas (Macedonian:  Зајас , Albanian: Zajaz) is a former municipality in western Republic of Macedonia, created in the 1996 territorial organisation, dissolved following 2013 Macedonian new territorial organisation after it was merged with Kičevo Municipality.[1] Zajas is also the name of the village where the municipal seat was found. Zajas Municipality was part of the Southwestern Statistical Region.


The municipality bordered Mavrovo and Rostuša Municipality to the west, Gostivar Municipality to the northeast, Oslomej Municipality to the east, Kičevo Municipality to the southeast, and Drugovo Municipality to the southwest.


According to the last national census from 2002, this municipality has 11,605 inhabitants.[2] Ethnic groups in the municipality include:

The total number of students in the municipality in 2011, in comparison to the total number of students in 2007, declined for 35.5%. Zajas is the second municipality in Macedonia by the decline of the total number of students.[3]


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Coordinates: 41°35′N 20°56′E / 41.59°N 20.94°E / 41.59; 20.94

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