Yves Pouliquen

Yves Pouliquen
Born (1931-02-17) 17 February 1931
Mortain, France
Nationality French
Alma mater University of Paris
Occupation Physician
Known for Member of the Académie française

Yves Pouliquen (born 17 February 1931 in Mortain, France) is a doctor by profession, his work has been dedicated to the pathology of the cornea.

In 1992 he was made a member of the Académie nationale de médecine. In 1994 he was awarded the Prix mondial Cino Del Duca and on 29 November 2001 he was elected to the Académie française. Since 2006, he is the president of the Fondation Singer-Polignac.[1]

In 2000, Pouliquen was featured in the documentary film Vies.[2][3] He is currently a member of the International Review Board of the Japanese Journal of Ophthalmology.[4]



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