Yuriy Trubetskoy

Yuriy Trubetskoy (Jurij Trubetsky, Jerzy Trubecki, Jurij Trubiacki, Юрий Петрович Трубецкий, Юрій Петрович Трубецький, Juri Petrovitz Troebieskoy; ca 1643 – 12 July 1679 buried in Troitsky monastery) was a Ruthenian Prince, boyar of the Trubetsky family. In 1657, Prince Jurij Trubetsky went to Moscow with his uncle Aleksandr Yurievitch Trubetzkoy (? - Poland after 1657). Stolnik in Moscow in 1660, he was given a boyar title by Tsar Alexis I of Russia in 1673. In the late 17th century, the weakened Republic of Both Nations under King Jan III Sobieski in alliance with the forces of Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor, dealt the crushing defeats to the Ottoman Empire; Jerzy Trubecki was the Polish wojewoda of Kiev Voivodeship, 1673. He hold the scepter at the coronation of Fedor Alexeevitch in 1676.

His mother was Elżbieta Drucka-Sokolińska and his father was Piotr Trubecki.

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