Yun County, Yunnan

Yun County

Location of Yun County (pink) and Lincang Prefecture (yellow) within Yunnan province of China
Country China
Province Yunnan
Prefecture Lincang City
  Total 398,064
Postal code 675800
Area code(s) 0883
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Yun County or Yunxian (Chinese: 云县; pinyin: Yún Xiàn) is located in Lincang Prefecture, Yunnan, China.

Coordinates: 24°26′39″N 100°08′00″E / 24.44417°N 100.13333°E / 24.44417; 100.13333

Ethnic groups

According to the Yun County Almanac (2006:527), the Limi 利米人 (an Yi subgroup) and Dai 傣族, both located in Xingfu Township 幸福乡, preserve both their traditional clothing and language. However, the following peoples preserve their language, but not their traditional clothing.



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