You Don't Forget Such a Girl

You Don't Forget Such a Girl
Directed by Fritz Kortner
Written by Hans Wilhelm
Starring Willi Forst
Dolly Haas
Oskar Sima
Ida Wüst
Music by Ralph Erwin
Cinematography Robert Baberske
Edited by Carl Behr
Projektograph Film
Distributed by DLS
Release dates
20 January 1932
Running time
92 minutes
Country Austria
Language German

You Don't Forget Such a Girl (German:So ein Mädel vergißt man nicht) is a 1932 Austrian-German romantic comedy film directed by Fritz Kortner and starring Willi Forst, Dolly Haas and Oskar Sima. It was the last film made by Kortner before he went into exile following the Nazi takeover of 1933.[1]



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