York Bluecoat School

Coordinates: 53°57′40″N 1°04′30″W / 53.961°N 1.075°W / 53.961; -1.075

St Anthony's Hall, the York Blue Coat School from 1705 until 1947

The York Bluecoat School in York, England, was founded in 1705 as a charity school for forty poor boys.

The school was founded by York Corporation, who initially provided and furnished a medieval guild hall, St Anthony's Hall, Peasholme Green, for use as the school building. The blue coats worn by the boys were based on the uniform of Christ's Hospital School in Greyfriars, London. A Grey Coat School for twenty poor girls was founded at the same time in Marygate. By 1836, the boys' school housed sixty-four pupils, and there were forty-three girls at the Grey Coat School.[1]

The school suffered some bomb damage in World War II. After the war, the Education Act 1944 established a number of categories for state schools. Neither the boys' nor the girls' school fell into any of the new categories, and they both closed in 1947.[2]


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