Yonason Abraham

Dayan Yonason Abraham is the rav of Toras Chaim Shul in Hendon, North West London.[1] He is also a prominent member of the London Beth Din [2] and used to be a member of the Melbourne Beth Din. He is thought to be 52 years old and born in 1964. Abraham gives shiurim and lectures daily on both Talmud Bavli and Mishnah Berurah. He also speaks regularly at the Kinloss Learning Centre.[3]

Dayan Yonason Abraham was born in London and went to Hasmonean High School. He studied in the yeshivos of Gateshead and Lakewood before moving to Australia in 1985 where he was a member of the Lakewood Kollel Beit Hatalmud (Melbourne). He originally came to Melbourne with the Mashgiach of Lakewood, HaRav Nosson Meir Wachtfogel, zt"l, who was then trying to establish a yeshiva in the city. He married Bella Koppel in Melbourne and stayed to learn many years after a brief time learning in the Brisk Yeshiva, Jerusalem. He served 7 years as the rav of Caulfield Shule and in that time he joined the Melbourne Beth Din. He also regularly consulted with, and helped, Sidney set up its own eruv.

He was then offered a place at the London Beth Din at the young age of 37. Since then he has been serving dilligently on the Beth Din and has become an integral part of its every day running. He is now the rav and posek of Toras Chaim Shul in Hendon, North West London and is a regular lecturer at the Kinloss Learning Centre. He is also heavily involved with Tribe and JABE.


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