Yolande Louise of Savoy

Coat of Arms of the Counts of Savoy.

Yolande Louise of Savoy (1487–1499), was a Duchess Consort of Savoy; married to Philibert II, Duke of Savoy.


She was daughter of Duke Charles I of Savoy, the Warrior, and Blanche of Montferrat, as well as granddaughter of Philibert's late uncle, Duke Amedeo IX of Savoy. She was the heir-general of her brother, father, grandfather, and also grandmother Yolande of France, the eldest surviving daughter of king Charles VII of France. Her birth-right, after the death of her brother, was the succession of the kingdoms of Cyprus and Jerusalem, although Philibert's father took those titles.

In 1496, her brother Duke Charles II of Savoy died childless, being the male heir of the line of Savoy, and her uncle became sovereign. The same year, she was married to Philibert, her cousin and the new heir to the throne.[1] The marriage produced no heirs.[2]

Next year, Philibert's father died and he succeeded as Duke of Savoy. The couple then advanced their claims, and took the titles Queen and King of Cyprus, Jerusalem and Armenia.

In 1499, the 12-year-old died, childless. Her heir was her first cousin, Princess Charlotte of Naples, later Countess of Laval. Philibert continued to use the titles of Cyprus etc., despite the death of his first wife.

In Fiction

She is the subject of a novel by Maud Stricane: L'oubliée de Hautecombe (2005)


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