Yngvars saga víðförla

Yngvars saga víðförla is a legendary saga said to have been written in the twelfth century by Oddr Snorrason. Scholars have been skeptical towards this claim but in recent years it has gained more acceptance.[1]

It describes what was the last Viking campaign in the Caspian in 1041, adding much legend to the historical facts. This expedition was launched from Sweden by Ingvar the Far-Travelled (Ingvar Vittfarne), who went into the land of the Saracens (Serkland). There, they apparently took part in the Georgian-Byzantine Battle of Sasireti.

There are many Ingvar Runestones raised in commemoration warriors who died in the raid, mostly in the Lake Mälaren region of Uppland in Sweden. A stone to Ingvar’s brother indicates that he went east for gold but that he died in Saracen land.[2]


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