Yeshivat Hadar

Yeshivat Hadar is a traditional egalitarian yeshiva on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.[1] The Yeshiva offers both summer and year-long fellowships for students to learn full-time in the yeshiva setting. Prominent rabbis associated with the yeshiva include Rabbi Shai Held, Rabbi Elie Kaunfer, and Rabbi Ethan Tucker.[2][3] The goal of the yeshiva is to teach future lay leaders, rather than to train rabbis.[4]


In 2006, Rabbis Shai Held, Elie Kaunfer, and Ethan Tucker, established Yeshivat Hadar as an institution for Torah study and a resource for independent minyanim and congregations.


Yeshivat Hadar offers year-long and summer fellowships for full time study. In addition to learning Torah, fellowships include communal prayer, service, and community building activities.[5]

Work with independent minyanim

Yeshivat Hadar's leadership assists congregations in reviving their services and invigorating independent prayer. Groups wishing to found their own prayer communities have turned to Rabbi Kaunfer's book Empowered Judaism. Joey Weisenberg, a Yeshivat Hadar faculty member also wrote a helpful book for independent minyanim, Building Singing Communities. Mechon Hadar’s website contains information and resources to help independent leaders enhance services. Yeshivat Hadar has a longstanding relationship with Kehillat Hadar, an egalitarian prayer community on Upper West Side of Manhattan.[6]


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