• יְהוּד-מוֹנוֹסוֹן
  • يهود-مونوسون
Hebrew transcription(s)
  ISO 259 Yhud Monoson

Coordinates: 32°1′42.17″N 34°52′46.62″E / 32.0283806°N 34.8796167°E / 32.0283806; 34.8796167Coordinates: 32°1′42.17″N 34°52′46.62″E / 32.0283806°N 34.8796167°E / 32.0283806; 34.8796167
District Central
Founded 2003 (by merger)
  Type City
  Mayor Yaela Machlis
  Total 4,750 dunams (4.75 km2 or 1.83 sq mi)
Population (2015)[1]
  Total 29,146

Yehud-Monosson (Hebrew: יְהוּד-מוֹנוֹסוֹן) is a city formed by the joint municipality of the town of Yehud and the neighboring communal settlement of Neve Monosson in central Israel. In 2015 the city had a population of 29,146.


Within a local authority merger program initiated by the Israeli Ministry of the Interior in 2003, the Municipality of Yehud was merged with the Local Council of Neve Monosson. Under the terms of the merger, Neve Monosson was left with a high level of communal autonomy under the elected Neve Monosson Local Administration (minhelet mekomit) which was granted municipal status as an autonomous borough (va'ad rova ironi) by the Interior Minister in 2005 within the implementation of the merger plan.


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