Yawar Waqaq

Yawar Waqaq
Sapa Inca 7th

Yawar Waqaq Inka
Reign beginning around CE 1380
Predecessor Inca Roca
Successor Viracocha Inca
Spouse Mama Chiklla (or Chu-Ya)
Dynasty Hanan (2nd)

Yawar Waqaq[1] (Quechua yawar blood waqaq crying, crier, literally "the one who cries blood" or "blood crier", meaning someone with "blood in the eye",[1] hispanicized spellings Yahuar Huacac, Yáhuar Huácac) or Yawar Waqaq Inka (Quechua Inka Inca) was the seventh Sapa Inca (Sapa Inka) of the Kingdom of Cusco (beginning around CE 1380) and the second of the Hanan dynasty.[2]

His father was Inca Roca (Inka Ruq'a). Yawar's wife was Mama Chicya (or Chu-Ya) and their sons were Viracocha (Wiraqucha), Paucar Ayllu, and Pahuac Hualpa Mayta. Yawar's name refers to a story that he was abducted as a child by the Ayarmaca Sinchi Tocay Ccapac, crying tears of blood over his predicament. He eventually escaped with the help of one of his captor's mistresses, Chimpu Orma. Assuming the reign at the age of 19, Yawar conquered Pillauya, Choyca, Yuco, Chillincay, Taocamarca and Cavinas.[3]:47-53


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Preceded by
Inca Roca
Sapa Inca
As ruler of the Kingdom of Cusco

c. 1380–c. 1410
Succeeded by

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